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Base for EUR/USD
+ Position Management

  For a period of two years- 6566 pips profit;
  Using Position Management- 11618 pips profit;
  For a period of two years- 70% winning trades;
  Using Position Management- 70% winning trades;
  Optimized for EUR/USD;
  Efficient in range conditions;
  The trade is using Open price;
  The trade is on a daily basis;
  Very suitable for application of different types of   money management;
  Available in version for Metastock;

Base is a perfect short-term, range strategy. For Base strategies you will be able to watch how the signals are generate in real. They will be updated every day. That will help you see and convince of the qualities of the strategy. To see click here. We have already developed a position management for this strategy. Using it the profit increases but the price remains the same. This position management stands for an effective addition of new contracts (lots) to the current position.

Example of Base EUR/USD Real-time signals

BaseEUR/USD, BaseEUR/USD +position management

period: 2 years
total trades: 226
winning trades: 158
losing trades: 68

result: +6566 pip points

EUR/USD + pm
period: 2 years
total trades: 363
winning trades: 253
losing trades: 110

result: +11618 pip points

Price: 150 USD ($)

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