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Terms and Conditions for Using of Strategies For Trade on Forex offered by

1.  Everyone willing to buy strategy from should be of full legal age /full legal age should mean the age defined by the legislation of the country, where the person is at the moment of making an order or the country he is eligible at/. The person should be able to understand the consequences from his actions.

2.  Everyone who would like to buy a strategy for trade on Forex, should be aware of the risks, that exists on the foreign exchange market Forex.

3. does not bear any responsibility for any loss that can be a result from the trade on the signal generated by a certain strategy.

4.  The trade on Forex is a highly risky activity, where everyone trades on his own responsibility.

5.  Every strategy offered by is optimized for an exact foreign exchange couples that are pointed out in the description of the system, thus the signals generated by it should not be traded for foreign exchanges not specified there.

6.  The signals generated by the strategies offer just one from a multiple choice of variants for actions on the market. All the signals as well as every other method are established on the base of analysis of historical data for a certain period of time. Because the events on Forex does not repeat completely, one should keep in mind, that he can not expect a complete accuracy of the signal generated for a future period.

7.  Everyone who has bought a strategy can not sell it, grants it, publish it or rent it to third parties, without permission of

8.  If you can not understand or you disagree with any of the above specified statements, words or definitions in point 1-7 including, please exit the page by clicking here or click the combination of keys Alt + F4 simultaneously.

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